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This matter should be investigated

October 8, 2008

“PLAY funky automatic love”

That’s what the four magnets arranged next to my desk at work say. I got them in the mail about a week ago from some marketing company trying to induce a sale, so they sent me this sheet of about 200 words on magnets to have. Some magnets include my name, my town, my company’s website, others were just random words, and still others included their company’s name, phone number, etc…. I took out those four from around the sheet and threw the rest away (poor quality – these free things barely stick). Anyway, this is what it says.

A break-it-down exercise:

PLAY – music, words, kids, wife, family, friends, rhythm, dance, bliss, safe, happy, stories, well-being.

funky – rhythm, stories, safe, family, music, bliss, words, kids, dance, well-being, happy, wife, friends.

automatic – family, wife, kids, friends, music, rhythm, safe, dance, bliss, well-being, words, stories, happy.

love – wife, kids, family, friends, safe, bliss, happy, music, rhythm, words, well-being, dance, stories.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t pretend to know anything about anything. I just looked up right now and saw these magnets staring back at me and wondered at the connection. Of course there’s a connection. So I guess I put them up there like that and arranged them for a reason way back when, but breaking it down now is interesting because I was easily able to draw the same things out of each of the four random words.

Together, they make a statement: “PLAY funky automatic love.” That is me. Separate, they appear to make similar statements but just shots, images, sparkles of something that are also me.

As I once read in an old text book from a class I took on the physics of music and the acoustical foundation of sound, I can only say “this matter should be investigated.”

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