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December 15, 2008

Found this cool writing exercise/peek behind the curtain on the Intense City blog. Feel free to try it out – after the bold word, put in your own answers.

I live almost exactly the way I have always wanted to live.

I work too many hours at my job and not enough hours at my dream.

I talk like an amateur. I wish I could talk with the same rhythm and flow that I write with.

I wish I had the means to take more distant vacations and traveling adventures with my family.

I enjoy polishing off a bottle of Oregon pinot noir with my wife.

I look in the side mirror 3 times before I switch lanes and in the rearview mirror at least 4 times before I back up. There was that one time in the parking lot, ya see….

I smell pretty rank back in my office after a lunch time run with no shower, but what can you do?

I hide a wooden Louisville slugger baseball bat – from little league – underneath my bed in case of a break-in.

I pray a lot still, I just don’t call it praying any more.

I walk too fast. I need to slow down.

I sing off key but always on time.

I can barely remember my grandparents and that kills me.

I watch people’s eyes, all the time.

I yearn to work at home, writing full time.

I daydream so much it is going to get me in trouble one day pretty soon.

I want to brew my own beer.

I cry a little bit when I start telling stories about my kids.

I read really slowly, but really carefully.

I love that my wife and kids have complete confidence in me.

I wonder if we’re having a boy or a girl…

I touch my the snooze button on my alarm clock too many times in the morning. I need to get up much earlier.

I hurt my front tooth in the 5th grade and it’s never been the same since.

I fear contentedness.

I hope one day to be truly content, without fear.

I break promises to myself about writing every day.

I eat breakfast every morning with my family at the table.

I quit my old band Metolius and still have regrets about that.

I bathe to get clean, not to relax.

I drink handcrafted beer, red wine, Jameson’s, ginger ale, seltzer, coffee, and water.

I save my pretzels to eat at the very end of the day when I’m driving home from work and I share them with the kids.

I hug my wife in our kitchen every day after work.

I miss Portland, Ore.

I forgive pretty easily but I’ve never really been tested.

I’ve learned playing live music in front of a crowd is a feeling you can’t explain.

I have still never been to Ireland.

I don’t speak what’s really on my mind enough (except at home).

I kiss every member of my family before I leave the house in the morning.

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  1. December 16, 2008 9:49 am

    Hello Patrick, It’s good to meet you, even if it’s only through this weird and wonderful world of the internet.

    Just this morning I hit snooze probably ten times before finally getting up around 7am instead of 5am to write. So I can definitely relate to you here. It’s like the person who vows to wake up early to write is completely different from the one who wakes up alarmed and finds it absolutely ridiculous that anyone in their right mind would plan to get up that early.

    And so a promise to myself is broken, yet again. But there are days that I manage somehow to do it and I’m sure you do to. We surprise ourselves.

    Keep on keeping on and all the best to you and your family over the holidays.

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