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March 12, 2009

Spring is not just about new beginnings in Vermont. It’s not just flowers and grass and plants stumbling up out of the ground in search of sun and air, it’s not just the rebirth of warm-weather activities, the longer days, the sap running through lines in our woods, dropping into buckets and being turned into maple-gold. No, spring in Vermont is also about the end.

Here in the Green Mountains, spring means the end of the mesmerizingly quiet evening snowfalls. Those moments won’t be back until next winter. Where you can sit inside a dimly-lit room next to a crackling fire and watch out the window while silently, almost secretly,  the creations of a higher white ground by the sprinkling of thousands upon thousands of unique snowflakes takes place like instant history right in front of your eyes. Where else but in Vermont can you wake up every morning for weeks on end to a vastly different landscape than it was when you turned in for the night? And it’s not from a natural or manmade disaster of any kind. No, it’s not at all destructive. This changing landscape has been greeting Vermonters in the mornings for hundreds of years.  It happens here. It’s happening right now. We’ve been spending our days playing in the snow, relaxing in the evenings and enjoying our view of watching the snow fall more, and then waking up to a new dusting or dump of powder or some new windblown architecture of the snow banks every morning all winter long.

March is getting on toward the end of winter. Yes, the end of the mystery and the adventure and the wonder of a new world every morning. Once the snow stops falling, we’ll be treated to all the millions of beautiful things that spring in Vermont has to offer – the other half of life waking up from their long winter slumbers and gracing us with their presence.  And we’ll have mornings without frost, evenings without jackets, and afternoons without mittens. We’ll have beautiful and new, vibrant colors to give background to the sounds of baby animals born at just the right time. But we won’t have the orange winter sunrise and we won’t have the dizzying display of snowflakes crashing to the earth in their silent symphony. We won’t have the easy excuse to sit by the fire to sip hot chocolate nor will we have the opportunity for a skate across a pond, or a ride down the mountain on a snowboard or skis, or a snowkite flight up into the sky, or a snowmobile adventure in the woods… There are a millions things to look forward to in spring in Vermont, and we do look forward to them, with passion, but there are just as many unique, special, and wondrous things that we know will not happen again until after next fall. So this impending spring season is the beginning of the end. A regretful ending

While it’s a new beginning, for sure, spring in Vermont is the ending of a winter season so unlike anything you’ve ever known, so unlike anything on TV or in the movies or in the songs. Unless you have found yourself in winter in Vermont, there’s a real chance you might not have found yourself yet at all.

But there is still time! Yes loads of time to plan your winter vacation for THIS winter in Vermont and find yourself in a world unlike any other. For this is a world that recreates itself in spades each and every morning and this is a  world that gives us the opportunity to experience bliss on levels we maybe never even thought possible. So don’t give up on winter in Vermont just yet. Not this year. Not this season. Make it happen and find yourself – in Vermont this winter.


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