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To Inspire & Entertain

June 9, 2009

Yes yes, the unseasonal rain and a week at home has inspired me to write and not only to write but to start a new story. Unlike in the past, I actually have a whole page of notes regarding plot and ideas and characters. Might be a bad sign, I usually only write like jazz, purely improvisation and I make it up as I go. Anyway, I’ll try to stick to my vaguest of notes and make something of it.

I have put further editing of “FINDING IT” on hold while I continue to look for an agent. I think it’s in great shape as it is – nothing that would turn anyone away if they read it at least. My book is like this 1840s farmhouse we live in: It is unique, it has character, it could use a little work, but mostly it has incredible potential and I hope that’s what someone sees when they read it. Potential. I don’t pretend to have written the greatest book ever, but I think I’ve done a fine job of writing a few great stories and put them together in a package that will both inspire and entertain.

Off to write…

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  1. June 18, 2009 9:26 am

    Dude, that’s the shift I’ve undergone. I’ve started outlining more, and it’s really working for me. I think it’s like most anything — can’t be too absolute about it. Overplanning and then feeling constrained by the plan can suck the magic out of the creative process, but underplanning can just make it come out sloppy. Like most of my early writing.

    Hope it works for you bro — and BANG THAT PIANO.

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