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The Muse Inside My Writing Words

July 31, 2009

I’m realizing there is a certain way I tend to work (write) and I’m finally beginning to understand it, nearly 35 years into this game of ME. When I think about any of the below words, creativity in my writing actually seems to live, breathe and grow. Maybe I have a Muse connected in some way with these words, my writing words, that when I think about them or hear them or say them, something clicks inside of me and a page turns, the volume is turned up, the fingers start typing and the minds open up. I never thought about having a muse before, but it might be real. I don’t know what else it is, but a mysterious draw to whatever it is about these words that until now I never realized were so connected inside of me. (But look at them, they DEFINE me!) I think back now and nearly every time I start a new story, since I began writing – and I’ve been writing stories since I was a kid, one of these words is somehow involved.

 What does it mean? Maybe it means I should stick with the writing that comes most naturally to me. Maybe it means I should stick with my heart and soul. Maybe it means music and mountains and love will always be a part of my writing, much like music and mountains and love are very much a part of my everyday real life, which has been carefully designed to be exactly what I want it to be at this point. All I’m missing is that published book. Maybe I must write what I know. Maybe that’s why my first two novels inexplicably ended up being about the same fictitious jazz drummer and so maybe it makes sense to begin the inevitable and go for the trilogy. The Altus Randolph Trilogy. The first two books came rather easy to me. Maybe if I decide this next one continues the story about Altus, and I get back to writing something about the things below again, I’ll fall back into that magical muse and write with ease, like falling gently into a river and being carried along in peace.


Road Trip
Dirt Roads


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