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Happy happy oh my friend…

September 9, 2009

Listening to “Backwards Down the Number Line” in headphones on my birthday at work really feels like a gift from Phish to me. Thanks for getting back together. Thanks for bringing back the “joy.” Musically, nothing hits me the way a Phish jam gets to me. Nothing. It means so much to know these guys are back at it. This morning, this particular song sounds exactly right.

“Happy happy oh my friend, blow out candles once again…”

Nine Ways to celebrate today’s date today from CNN.  

35 things making me me. *list compiled just today, I’m sure I missed a lot of great things…

  1. C / T / F / B /  –  My everything. My wife and my children. By My Side in everything I do.
  2. Mom and Dad, ‘Toph, Mof and David – my sculptors, my teachers, my hero’s.
  3. Friends – made a million, some have made different turns, some are still tight. I appreciate them all.
  4. Nutria & Metolius – bands who let me believe I could do at least one thing especially well.
  5. Vermont – home.
  6. Portland and Eugene, Oregon – homes away from home.
  7. County Kerry, Ireland – home in my history, home in my dreams.
  8. A Series of Hopes – the novel I set out to write, and over the years, I finally did write.
  9. Drinks – VT & OR craft beer, Guinness Stout, Jameson’s Irish Whiskey, Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, Green Mountain Coffee, water and ginger ale.
  10. Macs – apples to pick in the early fall and my Apple computer.
  11. Harp tattoo with 4 strings – inside of my right calf forever.
  12. Nike – Just Do It.
  13. Coast of Maine – vacationland is right.
  14. Springsteen and Phish – couldn’t be more different but all magic to me. All others are just below the horizon they set.
  15. Number 9 – ninth day of the ninth month in nineteen seventy-four. My lucky number.
  16. Drums – rhythm keeps me going, rhythm like a heartbeat.
  17. Susquehanna University and University of Oregon  – SU let me play soccer but it wasn’t enough; UO let me open my eyes and my mind.
  18. Riley & Cabot – the dog who is much more than a pet; the cat who is still suspicious this many years later.
  19. 1456 East 19th – a band, lots of parties, some studying, writing, Tom’s Market,  amazing people.
  20. Malta – memories of a blissful, perfect honeymoon in the Mediterranean Sea.
  21. Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins – typical New England sports fan.
  22. Jack Kerouac & Hunter S. Thompson – taught me to read, taught me to write, taught me to travel.
  23. Seasons – fall, winter, spring & summer…Mother Nature’s best.
  24. Photography – still hoping one day I won’t be such an amateur.
  25. Vermont State Parks – our favorite places to camp in the summer.
  26. Green Mountain Marathon – registering for my 1st marathon today.
  27. Pizza night – Fridays at our house.
  28. September 28th – each chapter begins anew in our love story.
  29. Run Across America – in Oct. 2001, Nike employees ran from Oregon to NYC stopping at volunteer fire houses each night. One of the most profound events of my life. I ran in Utah & Wyoming.
  30. Forest trails – in running shoes, in hiking boots, on a mountain bike.
  31. Sometimes – by Vermont poet David Budbill, I keep this posted in my office at work.
  32. Economy of movement and form – playing drums, running, soccer.
  33. LIVESTRONG  – Lance Armstrong changes lives, changes perceptions and changes the game.
  34. Crayola – empowering my children to be true, confident artists.
  35. Today
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