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A Four-Year Old’s Conspiracy

September 17, 2009

More and more lately, my four-year-old boy is blowing me away with his incredible mind. Take this conversation from dinner last night.

“How’d you get that scrape on your knee today?” I asked. All I knew what that he’d fallen on the playground and now had a fun, blue band-aid on his knee.
“It was your blood, daddy. I fell and landed where you put the blood. It’s not my blood.”
“Huh?” I asked between bites of bbq chicken. He had my full attention.
Still looking at his food, moving bites about with his fork, and not really appearing to concentrate too much on his story he launched into it: “You put the blood there. You squeezed it out of your body last night and put it into a bottle. Then when we were sleeping in the middle of the night, you drove the new car to school. Then you put your blood down on the playground and when I tripped, my knee hit the ground and got your blood on it.”
“Yes. I see you drive away out my window every night to put your blood on the ground where I’ll fall into it.”
My wife and I look at each other across the table with sort of blown-away looks on our faces.  
“Wow,” she says.

 He’s four! Where did this entire story/conspiracy theory come from? I love his imagination, but I think that was the first time he’s ever sort of scared me with it.

By the way, I stay home sleeping at night and I do not go plant my blood in strategic places where he (or anyone else) will fall into it. I love the idea, though. I think we’ve got a new story on our hands.

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