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A Short Story Just for Today

September 28, 2009

We meet in high school in Vermont in 1993, she a sophomore, me a senior. We were both on the track team and it was when she was stretching in the grass next to the track while I was doing laps running by her, that I first noticed. My friends knew her but I didn’t. Yet. Soon were were introduced…

 We decide to stay together when I go off to college in Pennsylvania that fall…

 We keep in close communication via long distance phone lines and letters…no cell phones, no texting, barely had email. On holidays back home, every time, we always had The Talk: Do we keep this going or submit to the millions of social pressures on both of us and break up? We always chose to keep fighting for US.

We decide to stay together when I transferred to a university in Oregon, can’t get much further away. But distance is just distance. Love was bigger than distance. We were 17 or 18 and 20 or 21 and even then, somehow, we knew that. We trust each other and we know what we were doing even though we really had no idea what we’re doing. Still, we talk and trust and laugh a lot.

 We decide to stay together when she goes to college in Virginia…

 I graduate and move to Virginia, but the coast, still hours away from her, in the mountains. But we have our weekends.

I move to Vermont and then it is all reversed, she comes back home on holidays and we have The Talk. Same answer every time. We will fight for US – yeah, it’s hard, but yeah it’s going to be worth it.

Mixed tapes, letters, packages, phone calls, road trips…

We get a dog.

She graduates and together we move to Oregon, start our life together for real, in a new place, with new people.

We get a cat.

September 11th inspires a diamond ring…anything could happen, I didn’t want to waste another second without her as my wife.

September 28th, 2002 – an amazing destination fall wedding in our hometown in Vermont. Friends from all over the world come together for the party.

October 2, 2003  – a daughter is born. Dimples like potholes in her cheeks. Dark haired with the biggest smile you’ve ever seen.

We move back to Vermont, driving a 26ft-long UHaul with a car on a trailer across the Northern states in the middle of February to be closer to our families, because…

August 26, 2005 – a son is born. The red-haired jester of our family.

February 26th, 2009 – a second son is born – an amazing mix of his siblings, and still somehow his own perfect beauty. A blonde.

It has been 7 years today, since Fr. Seamus Finn married us before the reception/dance party at Number 10 Pond. Seven years since we gave each other our rings. But it’s really been 16 years that we’ve been carefully stacking the blocks of our life, writing the lines of our story, day by day, moment by moment. There are a million other details and funny/beautiful/sad/surprising/wonderful stories in there, in the dream that has come true. But those are for a different time, another day, a longer story perhaps.

Today is simply for Thank You and I Love You, Still. More than ever before. That’s what matters today.

But in all this looking back, I don’t want to forget to look forward. And I do so much, I look forward to more of this life with her and our kids and our pets so very much.

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  1. Betsy permalink
    September 30, 2009 10:02 am

    Congrats you guys! So happy to be a small part of your life together! We miss you guys!

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