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Last Run

October 15, 2009

Finished up my marathon training today with a 3 miler. Halfway through I met my 4 year old son and ran about a quarter mile with him. We’d been planning to met up this way since last night and he was taking it very seriously.

“I have to get to rest and sleep well tonight, daddy,” he said just before bedtime last night. ‘We’ve got our training run tomorrow.” He brought it up again first thing this morning. When I got to my parents’ condo, where he spent the morning, he was there outside waiting – his running shoes on and his winter coat, hat and mittens on, too (it was 35 degrees)! As we ran we talked, mostly about running slow so we could make the whole two laps around the condos without stopping and about not hurting daddy when lovely kid started to kick at the back of my heels! We sprinted to the end and, surprise, he won. He couldn’t have been more happy, his little face all red and alive, from the cold and the exercise.

This wise boy taught me an important lesson at dinner last night when I was talking to my wife across the table yet again about how I was stressing the race and my pace questions. Without any expression really, and hardly taking a break from eating his carrots, he said, “Don’t worry about it daddy. Running the race should just be fun.”

So right.

Finally, I had a midnight epiphany last night – how to carry my marathon food (3 packs of Gu and approx. 10 gummy worms) during the race without any packs of any kind. This is another detail I’ve been stressing about for weeks. But then last night I woke up and realized my cycling jersey – the green PMU, mountain stage winner shirt by Nike from the Tour de France – would be the perfect undershirt as it has pockets in the back, is tight fitting, and is still Dri-FIT. The food bounced around a bit during today’s run when I tested it out but not a big deal. I have have found my solution!

To all my fellow Green Mountain Marathoners on Saturday up in South Hero, Vermont, here’s to a good, long, fun run!

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