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beyond thankful

November 25, 2009

This post I wrote around this time last year, pretty much sums it up. But now it is even better: for we have a 6 year old girl who draws pictures and writes about being “peesful and relaksed,” a four year boy old who today asked for a salad in his lunchbox because it is healthy, and added to the mix this year, a 9 month old boy who crawls and stands and laughs harder and easier than anyone I’ve ever met. The three of them are best friends and constantly remind me what is important in life. And that is family.

Also, there is a person behind all of this who has somehow reversed the usual trend and has grown more and more beautiful both inside and outside since we met more than 17 years ago. Too many degrees of beauty to begin to define, but all the good things in my life seem to have a shared interest in her, my wife.

I have both parents and both parent-in-laws, and brothers and a sister and a brother-in-law and sisters-in law, and nieces and nephews and cousins and my kids even have a great grandmother. And somehow, over distance, over time, everyone gets along.

I have some friends.

I have my health.

I have wireless headphones.

I live in rural Vermont.

I still have dreams.

I have more than anyone really should ever have.

I am beyond thankful.

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