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Writers Rooms

January 14, 2010

Just found the Guardian’s excellent series on “Writer’s Rooms.”

Kevin Crossley-Holland's writing room

I admittedly don’t know who most of these writers are, nor am I familiar with much of their work, but if you read this blog, you’ll know I am fascinated to learn about writers and anything to do with their process. With this series, I love the fact that we get to peek inside their writing rooms and see their cluttered desks and learn a bit about why they keep around what they keep around and how they ended up writing in that space and what the little things (a pipe or a photo) or the big things (the windows, the desk) mean to them.

We don’t really have room for my own writing space in our house. For now I generally write on a laptop actually on my lap while seated in a recliner in the living room with headphones on. Sounds like there’s no way to get anything good done and maybe none of it is good, but I have gotten quite a bit of writing done in that fashion lately.

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