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A Reunion?

January 19, 2010

Today, I’ve been inundated with crazy out-of-the-blue inspiration for my OLD novel. Yes, the one I worked on for like five years straight, the one that is actually two novels tied together, and the one I queried to countless agents (well, not countless, I do have an excel file) and got a sweet collection of rejection emails about, and which I sort of swore off about 6 months ago.  I’m writing a new novel now and I’m not stuck at all. I know exactly what to write next…but I’ve been listening to music lately that gets me thinking: Here I am with a family, limited time to write and work on writing, and I am already sitting on a novel that I feel is damn good. Something magical in the new iTunes downloads from last night have just opened up something new inside me. Maybe it’s the door to the torture room in my soul. Maybe… But I re-read through the first five pages of it today and honestly, there is nothing like that kind of writing in anything I’m doing now. It was like visiting a cherished friend from the past. This book is special. If only to me. But I’m thinking, damn, maybe all that work was worth it after all. The writing is the writing I want published, the story is the story I want published. This is my first novel and this is the one I really want to see labeled as my “first novel.” So, yes, after swearing it off and beginning something entirely different, I am contemplating going back into it and really paring it down, really cutting out the crap (even though I truly LOVE some of the crappiest crap), and working on it again. Just to read it again is a guilty pleasure (much like my  new iTunes downloads – to remain unnamed, too guilty of a guilty pleasure!) and that must mean something. But this is also coming from a guy who loves to listen to CDs from his old band late at night accompanied by thoughts like, “wow, we were really good, the songs are brilliant, the talent was real, how come we didn’t make it?” I sort of feel the same way about this novel.

I am not getting back together with the now-scattered-across-the-west brothers from the tribe called Met, but there’s a chance I am getting back together with my old book.

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