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Excellent Fitness Routine – for Writers

February 1, 2010

Last week, while pouring over various writing and writers’ blogs, I found the  blog, Creative Copy Challenge. They give you ten random words and your job is write up a short story or whatever using those ten words and then put your story in the comments section of the blog. I wasn’t going to do it at first, but then I just couldn’t resist. So I did one last week (that was #10, you can find it in the comments section if interested) and it was a lot of fun. This morning, they’ve posted ten new words, so I wrote a new, quick story while sipping my monday morning coffee. I try not to read any of the other entries before writing mine, because I don’t want to be influenced by anyone else’s story. It is great fun to read all the crazy directions people go with the same ten words afterwards. Anyway, my story for today (challenge #11) is below. The Bold words are the ones given to use:

My kindergarten teacher had a goatee. Yeah, Mrs. Pennypacker was scary. From the switchblade pencil sharpener she kept in her ammo belt to the time-out chair which she affectionately called, the asylum, she whipped at whiners with her snotty handkerchiefs and clobbered classmates with her own spitballs, made with actual gunpowder. At least that’s what Minty said.

Minty was my best buddy. He was filled with the kind of stupidity and brilliant courage that you wanted your best friend to have back then, you know? You didn’t want to be the kid barking back at the bullies or jumping out of the window when the substitute was there, but you definintely wanted to be friends with that kid. What normal kids saw as a deathtrap, Minty saw as opportunity for fun.

I’ll ever forget the day he really took it to Mrs. Pennypacker. It was February 14. I brought in G.I. Joe Valentine’s for everyone that my mom bought at Ames, but Minty brought in hand-written poems. The one he gave to Pennypacker was his best.

If I drank coffee, then we’d both have brown teeth.
You smoke in our classroom, it’s a wonder how we breathe.
But I would not trade you for any other teacher.
For you sleep drunk during reading, and that is your best feature.
In the name of love, yes I say this without sorrow,
Happy Valentine’s today…please stay home sick tomorrow.

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