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Coffee, Book Swaps and Writing Forward

October 28, 2010

I just bought myself a 60 cent coffee at work. I like to go get a coffee here. Part of it is the coffee itself of course, but it is too hot to drink right away and remains so hot in my travel mug, that by the time I get back to my desk, get back to my work and finally remember to drink it, it’s usually nearly lunch time and the coffee is barely warm. So the actual coffee is just a small part of the morning walk.

Another part is that the hallway to the cafeteria is home to a “Book Swap” nook. Its built-in, seven-shelves are packed with books being shared for free by various employees. This place is truly awesome. And always provides inspiration. It is like a small bookstore or library where I can take a few minutes each day, scan the “new” titles and maybe read a few passages from a book or two. Sometimes I take one back with me, sometimes I walk away empty-handed. I have found some pretty incredible books there – books I love and ones I know my wife will love. And I have borrowed so many more books than I can read at one time, that it feels a little dishonest – but I will return them after I read them! And I do.

For me though, I have slowly built up my own little book collection here at work. Books swapped from the swap. A few key fiction titles I plan to read sit nearly at eye level if I glance to the right. And I have noticed that my small collection here not only provides a nice homey decoration, but it also provides a sweet inspiration for my own fiction while I sit toiling away in the office doing the work that pays me.

As far as writing, I am again working on a new story with hopes it will become my third novel. From experience I know that all it takes to get there is to just keep with it, and do not quit until I reach the end.  Sounds easy but we all know that’s the hardest part: Keep up the story even after, ESPECIALLY after, the initial excitement fades. So I have hope but I’ve been in this place a million times before, and so that hope is slightly tinted with a  bit of reality (or fear). And right now, I am at an early, potentially pivotal place in the story but I’m not sure where to take it. So the trick for me is to just keep on writing forward, moving ahead, keep with it any way I can, and keep on asking ‘what if’ over and over and eventually hope something works.  Yes, that’s really how I write novels. It’s so surprising my first two novels remain unpublished, right?

Word count where I stand today: 3,116. Still in the very beginning. Getting from here to 10k is the hardest. Once I’m that far in, I know  it will take a lot to derail me. So let’s get to 10k and re-evaluate.

Oh and look at this – my coffee is still full and now the perfect temperature. Cheers!

Another thing I don’t want to forget this morning: Jenny Nash’s “The Making of a Novel” series of posts.

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  1. October 29, 2010 7:43 pm

    I hear you about the initial excitement. I get so excited about a brand new idea. Then when I’m actually involved in the midst of that story, it loses some of the edge. Usually I have to put a story away for a while before I get uber-excited about it again.

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