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Commitment Issues?

November 18, 2010

I’ve done it again. The completed (but still not done/ready) novel which I closed and put away a good six months ago has been re-opened. I once again have succumbed to the guilt of leaving it behind after nearly six years of our on again, off again relationship, but this time I think I’m ready to see it through to publication (or at least until a hundred agents turn me down again and I put it away for another six months). Yes, this time feels right. My mind is up to the task: The words sound better this time, the sentences carry a new weight, the paragraphs have a certain ryhythm which is slow and meandering, which I love. 

And its not about vampires or anything else that’s huge right now. It’s simple.

It’s about music and it’s about real people. And it’s about finding hope in a song and finding love in a mellow drum groove. And it’s about the magic of everyday life. Its funny, because it is exactly the book I want to read, exactly the one I want to write. And that’s perfect since I’ve already written it and now back to  re-reading and re-writing  it again too.

Amazing what you can do with a little commitment issue. Especially when the issue is that you refuse to let go.

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