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August 1, 2011

This month I am leaving my comfortable job working for the good people of Vermont in a positon in State Government…

… and I am moving to a very different entity: A year round mountain resort – skiing, golf, alpine slide, performing arts center, etc… The potential is incredible and I am so excited for the change, but there is a whole lotta fear about leaving the comfort of a relatively secure job, one that I can do with fairly little stress and one that is so close to home.

But I am doing it. We’re doing it as a family. And with every major change comes certain fear – the fear of uncertainty. But like my brilliant wife said,  maybe shaking things up like this every once-in-a-while isn’t such a bad thing. I know it is the right decision.

So I’ll be working on the highest mountain in all of Vermont, but damn, I’m still going to miss days like this and the view from my current office (photo taken today):

**When I came to my current position in State Gov’t, that old stapler pictured above was sitting on my desk awaiting me. It is awesome!

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