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The author of the duluonzo notesMy first book, co-written and illustrated in kindergarten with my best friend Sila, was featured for a week in a local bookstore’s window in town. I remember walking by the window and seeing my book up there, behind the glass and it was amazing – I was a real writer at 6 years old. There was my book!

Since then, while raising a family and some chickens in an ancient house with my wife and working full-time, I continue to believe my more recent novels will be behind the bookstore’s glass someday as well.

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  1. Gordon permalink
    August 28, 2010 12:22 pm

    I discovered your site by googling “Happy Happy Oh My Friend.” Which is how I sign birthday cards to friends (Love the song and thought). Pretty random thing to google, but it took me to a list you posted in 2009. Saw that you hold Phish and Springsteen in high regard….wondered if you had seen them together at Bonnaroo that year (I was lucky enough to be there… two daughters thought it was an experieince their 56 year old father would enjoy….they were right). Then I saw you list Susquehanna University (I am part of the class of 75). Saw Phish two weekends ago in Indy, and Backwards Down the Number Line was on the Playlist….my good fortune.

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